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Ello there! My name is Jeff Davis and I’m an award winning designer currently freelancing & working with Branded UX from my studio in Lake Tahoe, California. My past experience includes working as Creative Director, Graphic Designer, & Web Developer with AT&T, Disney, GM, HGTV, IBM, Intel, Oracle and YouTube just to name a few. Proficient with all major design and prototyping tools such as Omnigraffle, Sublime Text, Flash and Adobe Creative Suite, I utilize my technical skill set combined with cutting edge concepts to design and develop creative and accessible user interfaces. My core technologies are semantic HTML, CSS for layout and visual design, JavaScript and ExtendScript for progressive user interface enhancements and PHP/MySQL for server side data processing.


Jeff Davis
T: +1(530) 580-8420
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I always seem to have a more than a few projects going on. Here are some of my current endeavors.

Book of Short Stories (Untitled)
PS ExtendScript: Hello World!
Photoshop Extensions
Summer Garden
Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55 Rebuild

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My name is Jeff Davis & I am a design consultant located on the north west shore of Lake Tahoe. Specializing in creative direction, user experience, and visual design, I'm currently freelancing & working with Branded UX.

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