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I live in Tahoe and work as a Creative Director & UX Designer.
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Check out the Tahoe Designer App coming soon to the in the Android market I mostly just use simulator to test web based apps these days, but I recently have been getting my hands dirty with IOS 5. I <3 Typography. Nuff said! I have always had a keen interest in photography. I shoot both black & white and traditional color, but really get excited when you mention alternative techniques such as stereographic, panoramic or even shooting with handmade pin-hole cameras. I'd rather build it than buy it! I guess you would call me a DIYer. Pin-Hole Cameras are rudementary handmade cameras that can literally be made out of anything. I enjoy building custom cameras and the unpredictable results they produce. I've been stitching photos since before IPIX came out with their 360˚ bubble software in the mid 90's. Intrawest used my 360˚ panoramic photos to sell out their shared ownership properties in Lake Tahoe. I have been shooting stereographic images for years the old fashioned way, but have been enjoying experimenting with 3D video most recently. After Effects is my prefered motion effects software to date. Premiere has been my goto editing software application for years. I think I became aware of sound effects after watching Star Wars for the hundredth time on HBO in 1983. Either that or since I created my first mixed tape back in '84, either way I have had a passion for music and sound effects since I was a kid. I am familliar with digital standards for web, codecs and bit rates and typically use Audacity for editing. It is a great opportunity when you get to share with others and storytelling can be one of the most powerful tools an artist can utilize. I have been editing video since the late 80's and taught college level courses in video editing and production the past few years. Michael Brakke once said I could paint 100 paintings in an hour and they would all be good. Not sure if he was pullin my leg or not. I have been drawing pictures on computers as long as I can remember. I used to create ascii art on my dad's IBM PC back in the 70's when he would take me to work with him. The roar of those big main frames never fades. My illustrations helped HGTV.COM win the coveted Addy Awards for best website. Wireframes are what I like to think of as quick little informational sketches that will decide much of how the user interface will act. I like to build them! I stay on top of industry trends through social meida and well, google searches frankly. I find it facinating how well marketing and trends can work together. I do a lot of historical research in order to not make the same mistake twice, hopefully. In reference to brands, “These things stick in people's minds. Heritage in a category is a very powerful differentiator.” - Jack Trout. (Persistant Marketing x Useful Products & Services) / Time = Branding in my opinion. If you don't know who your target is then you are wasting your marketing dollars. When you target your audience, you speak to them on their level, and as a result they are more inclined to be responsive to what you have to say. I always make an effort to identify the target before each project. I absoultely love doing research and enjoy stepping outside of my box to educate myself. I learn something from every project I work on and crave knowledge in general. Polls can be useful, they are easy to take and often speak volumes in comparison to what you think you know." Email campaigns can be very powerful if done right. My email campaigns for MusicGiants increased website traffic by delivering hundreds of HD titles to subscribers inbox. I am a big supporter of user-centric design and apply the same principles to marketing. I build strategic brand relationships based on consumer demands and focus on the trends that are popular within those industry verticels. I prefer to get down and dirty with the locals and have found grass roots marketing to be one of the most powerful tools out there when combined with social media. I use Google Docs extensively. I have customized my Google workspace to include all things G. Gmail is integrated with Google Docs, Gtalk, Google Voice, G+ and my task list to make me one efficient dude! Concept, we'd all be lost with out it... speaking of which, how do you like mine? Drop me a line and let me know what you think. Depending on who you like to quote, either God or the Devil are in the details. Analytics provide one of the purest views into the soul of your website. I like to look in to them! I use traditional methods of focused meta data combined with tailored copy, religious spider submissions and a few tricks I have developed over the years to make sure people know about cool stuff on the web. If I told you what they were, everybody would be using them! Blah... I don't condone it, but I have developed some WordPress widgets with their API. The movie was pretty good too. Thank God for WordPress or maybe just Automattic. I think WordPress is damn near the neatest thing to hit the open source community... ever! I have several years experience creating custom themes, plugins and buddypress installations for WordPress. I recommend it to almost all my clients who need a CMS. I am pretty handy with those Twitter feeds! I list the Google API generically because I use pretty much every thing that Google makes in one way or another. Unfuddle. Funny name, great cloud based souce control. I use to make sure your website does not get deleted by accident. I've joined the masses... and am Giting what all the fuss is about. Look for several open source additions to my account coming soon! I don't really consider my self an expert at anything, but if you had to pin me down I'd have to say that CSS comes as naturally to me as picking out great sneakers! HTML5 baby! Loving the simplification. I have been writing HTML since Aaron Newton (@anutron) got me started at the University of Tennessee back in 1995. I started using Sublime Text and CODA a few years ago and have not looked back. After using Dreamweaver for over a decade, I am loving the simplified interface and no non-sense approach to coding. For the most part I tend to use EXTJS or jQuery and jQuery plugins to do my dirty work. Moo Tools occasionally find their way into my arsenal of Javascript libraries. I can not remember the last time I built something for the web that did not use Javascript. Learning some Python recently and digging it. I primarily work on LAMP platforms and use PHP for most data integration and server side scripting. When it comes to databases, I have used them all at one time or another but prefer to work within the confines of MySQL. JSON, light and readable... it is my prefered data interchange for objects. Sencha is a fairly new mobile application framework that I have been using to speed up production time of web based mobile applications. It is HTML5 based and comes from the makers of EXTJS. EXTJS is my preferred all inclusive Javascript framework, I have built several scalable applications with EXTJS. AS2, AS3 literate... I have even created automated batch scripts to minimize production time using actionscript. I have been using Flash since Macromedia first released the beta version. Director and Authorware before that. I still use XML from time to time but mostly with Flash for loading simple data sets. I was so excited to watch Saturday morning cartoons that I would religeously wake up and watch the test patterns before programming would start. I thought I would make my own throughout much of my childhood. Today, I still like to watch cartoons and incorperate both 2d and 3d animation into my projects on a regular basis. Adobe CS is like my toolbox for any type of graphic creation. I have been using most Adobe products since their beta releases. I have been using Photoshop to manipulate photos since the early 90's. I used photo copy machines before that.